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LU Li’an

Université Fudan, Shanghai (Chine)
Invitée de TransferS – début 2019

Début 2019, le labex TransferS accueille LU Li’an, Doyenne associée de l’institut de langues et de littératures étrangères de l’Université Fudan, Shanghai.


Anglo-American Literary Modernism

  1. Politicizing Hamlet : Early Modern England’s Political and Gender Crises
    Taking a new-historicist stance, this paper returns Hamlet to the late 16th and early 17th century England and reads it as a political play metonymically encompassing issues as serious and controversial as kingship, governance, and sexuality. It is argued that Hamlet may well serve to indicate the mounting tension between the Crown and the Polity, and Early Modern England’s regulatory apprehension about deviant sexuality

  2. Hans Christian Andersen in/and China : the Construction of Modern Chinese Subject-hood via the Rise of Children’s Literature
    The introduction of H. C. Andersen into China is closely influential to the inception of China’s children’s literature as a creative and academic discipline. This talk will discuss how the promotion and political appropriation of Anderson’s fairytales in China indicates intersectional issues of modernity and modernization in China, national crises, and the emerging of the modern Chinese individual identity.

  3. Unspeakable Crises of the Modern World : A Comparative Study of Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf and The Cityscape by Liu Naou
    This lecture provides a trans-cultural, parallel analysis of Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf, and The Cityscape by Liu Naou, to explore the respective crises of modernity in the city-life of London and of Shanghai in the 1920s. I will focus on issues of “otherness” and alienation in relation to the social construction of modern identity in the UK and in China.


Lu Li’an is Associate Dean to College of Foreign Languages and Literatures and Professor of English Literature, Fudan University. She is interested in identity politics and the formation of subjectivity. Her research areas include Anglo-American Literary Modernism, Feminist Literary Criticism and Women’s Writing, Gender Studies, H. C. Andersen and the rise of China’s Modern Children’s Literature.

Lu Li’an has compiled Readers for China’s university English majors, and a literary anthology, translated a book of literary criticism and a few essays, and written critical essays and one monograph in literary studies. Her critical essay “Politicizing Hamlet : Early Modern England‟s Political and Gender Crises” won the Second Prize Essay by the 12th Shanghai Philosophy and Social Sciences Outstanding Research Works (2014).

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